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Now at The Gloss, we’re compiling a list of our favorite internet videos each day, to distract you for a few minutes in the afternoon. Enjoy!

The Gloss Top Video Pick:

1. “Marriage For Moderns” Has Advice For You 1950s Housewives

We told you recently what dating in the 1950s was like, but marriage is a whole new ballgame. Naturally, you have already followed the advice of a previous installment in this Marriage For Moderns series and altered your personality for him. Congrats – you have tied the knot and are destined for a life of smooth-sailing romance… OR NOT! According to this 1950s video series, turns out you’re in for constant feelings of jealousy and suspicion, complete with endless self-blame. So uhhh, here is how you should handle it? (via HuffPost)


[youtube_iframe id=”cpUfImwI87s”]
2. Time Jump: Groove In 1960s (Meets 2013) Style

Speaking of husbands cheating on their wives… Mad Men! I’m pretty new to watching Mad Men, but I know even seasoned watchers thought Sunday’s episode was all sorts of bizarre. It did though provide the chance for Ken Cosgrove to do a lovely little dance, which the world wide web has now set to Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right.” This week set the bar high for Daft Punk and television mash-ups, so stay tuned to the Internet to see if more pop up next week. (via Uproxx)


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3. Don Draper In the Age Of Don Johnson

Speaking of Mad Men (how on a roll am I with the segues today?)… more Don Draper! The infamous cheating husband of the ’60s does have a professional knack with words, but what if he lived in the rad-tastic ’80s? Well, the ’80s Don Draper Twitter account has been imagining just that, and while you can get caught up by scrolling through the Tweets, you could also do the lazier thing (hey, it’s Friday) and see some of the highlights Buzzfeed has put together. Plus, an ’80s soundtrack goes quite nicely with a Men Without Hats reference!


[youtube_iframe id=”zdtD19tXX30″]
4. Talking To A Two-Year-Old (Kind Of)

I don’t really have a segue from Mad Men into this video, but it has been racking up views like crazy. This man recreated a chat with his daughter, though he re-cast his toddler with an adult man. While these conversations are verbatim, I don’t know if the cadence is true to the original conversation. Still, that won’t stop me from hoping this man’s two-year-old also has total deadpan delivery of lines like, “Look how much fun we’re having,” to subtly shame her father. If so, she’s my new comedy hero.


[youtube_iframe id=”vzVhPCMAxWQ”]
5. A Reminder Of Your Weekend Plans

Arrested Development finally (FINALLY!) makes its Netflix unveiling on Sunday. While many individuals will be at their Memorial Day barbecues, another group of humans will have their eyes glued to their television sets, getting their long-needed Bluth fix. Whether you are a fan or have no idea what the fuss is about, this is my gift to you. Take another watch of the season four trailer to remind you what is coming and then be excited that before you know it, you won’t just have to rely on a trailer for new Bluth family goodness.

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