First Lady Michelle Obama announces the Best Picture Oscar to ‘Argo’ live from the Diplomatic Room of the White House during the 85th Annual Academy Awards

First Lady Michelle Obama got herself some bangs a while back and, because she is a style icon and all, the new cut stirred much debate. People loved them! People hated them! Karl Lagerfeld hated them! But Karl Lagerfeld hates everything (no, seriously, everything)!

Anyway, she’s since ditched the (pointlessly) controversial style and Parade magazine asked her why because that is the reason Parade magazine exists. The First Lady responded:

“You know, it’s hard to make speeches with hair in your face!”

So she did not, in fact, cut them because people felt strongly about them one way or another. As HuffPo points out, Obama had already begun side sweeping them back in May.

Still, we have a real soft spot for bangs–not just because we have a liberal arts degree and live in Brooklyn, but because (as a freshman) in college, a fellow student once sniffed that he “didn’t understand why women ever had bangs–men don’t like them,” which is 1) patently false and 2) irrelevant. So, fuck that guy, is our point.

(Photo via Wenn)