After drawing criticism from the whole entire Internet for their GOT PMS? campaign, which, among other things, was sexist, heteronormative, and just plain un-funny, the California Milk Processor Board has pulled the offending ads. The campaign’s shelf live: a mere ten days. Nice work, everyone!

People trying to visit milk’s “” miscrosite will now be directed to, which contains a half-assed apology that’s dangerously close to “sorry you got offended by our rad campaign. Maybe if you’d listened to us and imbibed some milk, you wouldn’t be so bitchy.”

“Over the past couple of weeks, regrettably, some people found our campaign about milk and PMS to be outrageous and misguided-and we apologize to those we offended. Others thought it funny and educational,” reads the site’s landing page. Who was that, fans of Everybody Loves Raymond? The non-apology continues in the pages of the New York Times, where Milk Board executive director Steve James is quoted as saying, “There’s no sense in keeping up a Web site that’s like waving a red flag to some people,” and that taking down the site “is not a failure in any way…we accomplished what we set out to accomplish.”

He claims they had no idea that the campaign would provoke so much negative backlash, which means either Steve James is a big, fat liar, or he thought the current cultural environment to be much more receptive to tired, sexist humor than it turned out to be. In any case, anyone who is still pissed off enough to stop buying milk should know that a lot of great alternatives like soy, rice, hemp, and almost milk exist (I prefer almond), and that you can get calcium from a lot of non-dairy sources including dark leafy greens, beans, sea veggies, tofu, and nuts and seeds. More info on non-dairy calcium sources can be found here. Happy menstruating!