mindy kaling on wine time

If you’ve never watched Wine Time With Marissa A. Ross, you’re missing out. Advertised as “the show where a woman who has absolutely no qualifications to be reviewing wine– besides the fact that she drinks it every day– reviews wine,” it’s probably about to be your favorite webseries. Especially after you watch Mindy Kaling guzzle a pinot noir.

The always delightful Mindy has that specific kind of charm where I wouldn’t be surprised if she were some kind of extremely knowledgable wine connoisseur… but it’s even more fun to watch her talk out of her ass. “I smell, like, alcoholy smell,” she declares. “Floral? Yeah, I like that adjective. …Could it go with Whole Foods takeout while you watch Walking Dead?”

Once again, my imaginary BFF knows exactly what she’s talking about. I’m a big fan of fine wines that pair nicely with Taco Bell nachos and shame-watching the Twilight DVDs I pretend I own as a joke. Who says you can’t be classy and wear stained gym shorts at the same time?

The really important takeaway from this video, though, is that Mindy’s office is awesome. The French Bridget Jones’s Diary poster, the colorful throw pillows, the framed Dwight Schrute drawing, the smiling ice cream sandwich plushy? All-around adorable. I want to get married in it. Or at least sit on the couch with Mindy and drink a bottle of Francis Ford Coppola‘s wine.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be sitting here rewatching the part where Mindy pretends to chug from the bottle while Marissa makes “glug glug glug” sound effects… over and over again.

Via The Cut / Photo: YouTube