Miranda Kerr is a natural brunette. as anyone with two eyeballs and a Victoria’s Secret catalog already knows. But in a recent spread for Vogue Italia, the model and mom donned a blonde wig and heavy eye make-up and miraculously made herself look about 10 years younger:

The photos were shot by Tom Munroe and printed in the magazine’s October issue in black and white. And of course, I’m not going to say that I don’t appreciate Kerr’s usual brunette look, because I do. But maybe this is why supermodels are supermodels? Because they can pull off whatever look is assigned to them?

Anyway, Kerr also went pantsless for the same shoot, rocking only a half-vest that bared her midriff and also her ass:

This look is a little less awesome than the blonde wig. I mean, possibly if I were Miranda Kerr I would also not wear pants, ever, but this kin of looks like someone just forgot to style her. Like they accidentally took a photo when she was supposed to have on shorts or at least a thong or something, but instead, she was sitting naked on the rug. It’s just not quite as hot a look. That’s all.

Photos by Tom Munroe via Fashion Gone Rogue