If you were to enter the Miss USA pageant, and you were to lose, there are probably only two ways to rebelliously celebrate. By getting massively married and/or pregnant or pounding alcohol. Luckily for her, Miss Michigan Kristen Danyal chose the latter.

Contestants in the Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions must be single, childless and sober during the competition. After that, however, they’re free to get as drunk as they want and get married/pregnant as many times as possible. Miss Danyal is 21 and chose to drink Ketel One direct from the bottle. Unfortunately for her, TMZ was also there. And her bottle of Ketel One seems to be a disturbing color of brown.

Earlier this week, Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo took the crown as Miss USA. Rather than wallow in despair Miss Danyal went to celebrate her loss of sobriety.

In addition to getting fully buzzed, this year’s Miss Michigan is so far doing better than her 2010 counterpart. Rima Fakih won the 2010 title of Miss USA, but in December she was arrested for drunk driving.

(Photo: TMZ)