We already know that some people have been total assholes about Hurricane Sandy, though those were often people we barely take seriously as it is, as well as in the context of quotes so absurd, it’s mostly humiliating for them. Therefore, it wasn’t hugely surprising to see that this model, Nana Gouvêa, had already taken advantage of “the scenery” (i.e. the insane amount of devastation) as a backdrop for a photoshoot.

In addition to the photo above, Gouvêa posted this photo of herself  sexily climbing on a fallen tree. The Internet, particularly Brazilians where the model is from, reacted appropriately: by making her into a meme showing how insensitive and distasteful it was to it was to pose among fallen trees, ones that could’ve actually killed somebody, as though they were male models and set pieces. Apparently, she also stated she enjoyed the storm, as it allowed her to have some romantic time with her husband. Guh. Anyway, there were some great Photoshops to be had:

The Bambi one is the best, in my opinion.

Given the fact that she’s tweeted and re-tweeted several articles, most of which are criticizing her asshole-ish, I can only assume she did it for attention. This makes it even more insensitive and distasteful, as it means she saw this storm as an opportunity. A storm that left thousands without power, destroyed the homes of so many and caused billions of dollars in damages. A storm that killed dozens of people. A storm which harmed so much, nobody has any right to be profiting image-wise or otherwise from it.

You know that phrase “all publicity’s good publicity”? Not so much here. Using destruction to your career’s advantage is hardly a good thing to be known for. So in the event that you plan on tweeting this, too, Nana, I offer you my middle finger and can only hope you understand why.

Images via KnowYourMeme.