I’m just going to go out on a very sturdy limb and say that Halloween is the biggest night of the year for monsters. It makes sense that they would want to throw a party to celebrate themselves, but here’s the thing about parties, whether you are human or undead – the anticipation is generally better than the actual party.*

Dear ol’ Dracula learned that the hard way in a fun holiday video brought to you by the gang at CollegeHumor. They took the Halloween opus “Monster Mash” and reimagined some lyrics to showcase all the ways a party can truly suck.

From the guests who bail to the guests who will probably get you in trouble with your landlord, it can just be a rough go of things as Dracula learns. He should probs call up ol’ Jack Skellington because that guy certainly knew about wallowing in Halloween disappointment.

Enjoy the video above, but keep this lesson in mind: if even a monster can’t have a successful party on Halloween, then there’s no reason to feel bad if yours doesn’t go exactly as planned. That said, know I’m rooting for your own Halloween party be full of people, free of drama and overall a real “graveyard smash.”

*Well, except for my parties, obviouslyyyy.

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(via College Humor)