…And by the “you” in this title, I mean “me,” because I am incredibly guilty of most of these offenses. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I tend to take a whole lot of photos. Part of this is because I have a terrible memory, but I admittedly just love taking photos of just about everything anyway. I’ve always loved taking too many photos, whether it’s been via disposable cameras or my DSLR that I suck at using. But now, having finally purchased an iPhone last August, I am officially one of “those people” who documents entirely too many events in her life.

That said. there are definitely some seriously annoying things that people do on Instagram that garner a whole lot of groans from anybody who’s following you. Obviously, we all sometimes post stupid shit on the Internet, but if you’re a repeat offender, perhaps you should step away from the filtering, collaging and lyric-adding apps for a little while and rethink your online presence.

So, if you have ever wondered why you have like 3 and a half Instagram followers (the half being one of those annoying spam bots), perhaps it is due to one or more of these rather irritating mobile e-crimes.[ITPGallery]