Look, we all have nights when we get drunk and do things we regret the next day. But Wendy Lewis, 32, of Blackpool, England, has really set a high mark for debauchery. Lewis was stumbling home drunk at 5 AM when she stopped to pee on a cenotaph, a memorial to Britain’s war dead from World Wars I and II. Immediately after that, she gave a dude a blow job on the same cenotaph. Not shockingly, local war veterans are – come on, I can’t not use this pun – pissed. One told the Sun, “This woman is a disgrace to her sex because the young women of Britain in both wars distinguished themselves and they deserve their recognition.  It is absolutely disgraceful and there is no excuse whatsoever for what she did. It is disgusting. She has also insulted the good name of every soldier named on that memorial just for some puerile pleasure worthy of a common alley cat.”

I have to say, when random English World War II vets insult people, they are quite eloquent about it. When was the last time you heard someone use the word “puerile” in casual conversation?