Having looked at roughly 2,000 of my friends’ wedding photo albums on Facebook, I know it’s not uncommon to include ‘getting ready’ photos in the mix. This includes everything from adjusting the veil to putting on makeup to getting zipped into the dress. However, when Sara Bostwick got married, she said that she didn’t want any ‘getting ready’ photos to include her in her underwear. And what happened when she came back from her honeymoon to look at the pictures from her wedding on the photographer’s website? There was one of her in her underwear stepping into her dress. Instead of just calling the photographer and demanding he take the photo down – which she did later, and he complied – Bostwick sued for “severe emotional injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder.” Here’s the kicker: at that point, all the photos were password-protected, and only Bostwick had the password. So rather than get the photo removed before emailing her friends and family the password, she chose to sue instead.

Luckily, a Manhattan judge seemed to find this lawsuit as ridiculous as I did, throwing the suit out like an old, wrinkled bridal gown. While the judge said she was “sympathetic” to Bostwick’s story, there were no grounds for fraud, injury, or any of the other stuff in her suit. And now Bostwick, who could have just saved herself a lot of humiliation by resolving the problem privately, has gotten herself in the New York Post dubbed “The Underwear Bride.” So, um, congratulations?