Today marks my last day as an intern at The Gloss and I’m resisting the temptation to add a sad face to this post.

After reading Jennifer’s fond farewell, I have decided to share with you, Gloss readers, what I have learned from this amazing internship.

  1. Sometimes your bosses don’t care if there are pictures of you drinking on Facebook.
  2. Talking about zombies, sex toys, and Karl Lagerfeld can be fun for the whole office.
  3. It’s okay to sprinkle a few “bad words” here and there. It makes everything more fun.
  4. Sometimes bosses drink red bulls, root beer, and cheerwine instead of coffee.

These lessons are ones that can be applied to any internship or job, unless your boss has a zombie phobia.

Overall, this internship has been a great life experience and I’m honored to have worked with both Lilit and Jennifer for one of the best ladyblogs on the whole wide internet.