Believe it or not, I managed to get my hands on a copy of the complete season 1 of Star Trek: The Original Series. This is the one that stars William Shatner, aired around the 1960s.

So imagine how old and how sucky the effects are!  I probably spent most of the time laughing at how horrible the costumes were. And to be honest, I kind of felt sleepy 10 minutes into the show. I never realized that movies or shows before were purely all talk!

No wonder movies nowadays really get you suckered in. You barely noticed 2 hours go by when you’re watching a movie now since the effects will totally keep you entertained.

Anyway, so my fiance and I were watching it when he just blurted out aloud that the idea of a clamshell phone came from Star Trek!

Lo, and behold, it’s probably true, hehe. Check out how their Star Trek Communicator looks suspiciously similar to a Motorola MING A1200! Except that the Star Trek Communicator doesn’t have a touch screen…



The idea of touch screen TVs seem may be from Star Trek as well!

[ Image courtesy of Gadgenista ]