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Naomi Campbell is Vogue Thailand’s November cover girl, but the photo barely resembles Campbell at all. In fact, the cover features a lovely photo of a woman who couldn’t possibly be Naomi Campbell.

"The Face" - Screening - Arrivals

Considering how many changes they made to her face, it’s easier to simply believe that Vogue hired a Campbell look-a-like who wasn’t quite right for the part. Here are the steps the design team over at Vogue Thailand would have had to go through in order to change a photo of Naomi Campbell into this train wreck:

naomi campbell vogue thailand

1. Significantly lighten her skin tone
2. Change her deep brown eyes to light blue (contacts can’t do that)
3. Give her a nose job she didn’t ask for or need to have done
4. Her faced seems particularly heart-shaped
5. Wait seriously, they lightened her skin?

I will never understand why magazines do this. They book people celebrated for their looks (who could be more celebrated for her looks than a freaking supermodel?) and then tear their faces apart. Even our walking, breathing ideals of beauty can’t live up to our beauty standards.

It’s hard not to see a racial side to this—they lightened her skin and eyes for god’s sake. This shows just how insidious beauty standards can be, and even a supermodel could be prettier. She could be less black.

What a waste. Naomi Campbell is undeniably gorgeous, and Vogue Thailand made a huge mistake trying to make her into something that she’s not.

Photos: Getty Images, Vogue Thailand