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Now at The Gloss, we’re compiling a list of our favorite Internet videos each day, to distract you for a few minutes in the afternoon. Enjoy!

The Gloss Top Video Pick:

1. Celebrating An Amazing Holiday Just Got Easier

Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! I have my Yelp open to find somewhere to celebrate in style today, but if you’re looking to go the DIY route, then this life hack video courtesy of BuzzFeed has your name on it. While I can’t say I’ve tried it yet, it appears to be a godsend. Plus, as a Vermont girl, I also feel strong about consuming Ben & Jerry’s on the reg. Happy celebrating! (via BuzzFeed)


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2. ZZ Ward’s “365 Days”

Presenting my pick for your Friday jam! This music video is like if Inception featured more pianos. Also, ZZ is short for Zsuzsanna and I really can’t think of anything cooler than that.


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3. You Can’t Escape Love, I Guess

Would you want to spend non-stop 48 hours with your significant other? Like, literally handcuffed together? Comedian Mark Malkoff and his wife tried it out, and it actually turned out to be a silly, and surprisingly sweet experiment. These two seem like a fun couple. All that said, I won’t be doing this anytime soon with my boyfriend. Just love my space too much. (via ViralViralVideos)


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4. Look Out, John Williams

If you’re looking to go on a bit of a power trip, playing the Imperial March will probably be the perfect musical backdrop. Check out this drum kit cover by Grant McFarland of the Star Wars classic, which only serves to make the march more badass.


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