Daniel Westling and Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria at Princess Sibylla´s Apartment at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on February 24, 2009.

After the joy and congratulations over the engagement of Sweden’s Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling have subsided, the serious business of preparing for a royal wedding is now on the agenda for the Swedish people and government.

Since this is the first royal wedding in Sweden for more than 3 decades, and the wedding of the future queen, it won’t be a small affair. And, 2010 is the 200th year of the House of Bernadotte as Sweden’s ruling family. The affair just cannot be drab and ordinary. There will be a fabulous dress, mounds of fresh flowers, lots of royal and important guests from all over the world, a lavish feast and a generally grand to-do. The event is estimated to cost 2.7 million dollars.

It is all rather wonderful, but the question is now being hotly debated: Who is going to pay for the wedding? 

Should the government? Should the couple do like a lot of other modern couples do and pay for it themselves? Is it just the responsibility of the royal family?

For reference, Norway’s King Harald shouldered the bill when Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit got married in 2001. The bill was said to have been 2.5 million dollars. For the 2004 wedding of Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, the royal family and the Danish government shared the costs.

So, let’s put it to the vote, shall we? You can cast your vote below or in the sidebar to the right.



via: The Local and The Earth Times; Image: Newscom