With crap like this being published, I might need to give up my goal of making parenting sound the least bit fun.  According to ParentDish, some great ideas for celebrating New Years are: cooking, more cooking, craft, dress up, more cooking – with sprinkles.  Happy New Years!  This is the life of a parent – planning activities for your offspring and then slowly fading away as they need you less and less.  Your only entertainment should be making your children happy.  Cheers to that!

Here are 5 alternative solutions, because believe it or not, both you and your child can enjoy a holiday.  Your happiness isn’t mutually exclusive!

1. Get A Babysitter! That’s right, I’ll say it.  Abandon your children at home and get your butt out on the town.  Take all those crafty ideas and leave them on a notepad as suggestions for your favorite high schooler, while they take care of your little one.  If you’re lucky and have an amazing babysitter like I do, you can have an great time out with friends while your children enjoy playtime with someone other than you.  Yes, babysitters on New Year’s Eve are expensive, because the high schooler wants to be out with their friends too.  But entrepreneurial youngsters will be happy with the chance to make $100 for one night.  If the cost is worrying you, split the babysitter with a friend.  Then, it’ll be a little cheaper and your child will have another playmate.

2.  Haven’t You Heard of Sparkling Grape Juice? That’s right.  I’m implying it.  You can drink alcohol at home while your children have grape juice.  Listen, if you’re adult enough to have children, hopefully you’re adult enough to have champagne without becoming a drunken idiot.  So grab a bottle of champagne and a bottle of the fake stuff and have an actual toast on New Years Eve.

3. Put The Kids In Bed and Have a Real New Years Kiss. I might not be able to do this, because my husband might kill me for even alluding to our sex life.  But one of the best things about being married is not having to worry about kissing some random dude on New Year’s Eve.  Or if you’ll have a New Years hook up.  Guess what?  No worries if you’re already married.  Let the children count down a little early (they’ll be exhausted by midnight anyway)  and have your own New Years celebration with someone you love.  You’ve wanted a reason to pull out that fancy lingerie, anyway.

4. Be That Parent. No, not the idiot who lets teenagers drink on New Year’s.  Be the parent who throws a big family-friendly party.  Let your kids be in charge of the youngsters area, while you take care of the adults.  If all the adults are busy enjoying themselves and socializing, you won’t have an opportunity to embarrass your children.  The kids can congregate in the basement or another room with all the loud music, junk food and whatever else is cool these days.

5. Get a Frickin Babysitter. Seriously, you’re kids will be fine.  They’ll even have fun.  Good babysitters actually play with your children and give them a different view point.  My daughter loves our regular babysitter like a big sister.  Find an amazing teenager who you trust completely, then go out and enjoy your evening.  Being a parent does not mean that your social life has to stop.  I promise.  It just takes more planning than before.

No matter what you choose to do, I really hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year!