New Year’s Eve hilarity and hangovers seem to go hand in hand. Even if you promise yourself that you won’t drink that much, there’s still a good chance you will. It’s the end of year after all, and depending on what it had to offer, you may either want to forget it via a vodka haze or celebrate it with several whiskey shots on you.

With your head in the toilet and your stomach in your throat, your first choice may be to hit up the closest diner for a greasy fix but, although good in theory, greasy food really isn’t going to heal those New Year’s Eve battle wounds like choosing healthy options. I know, I know… being healthy during a hangover is difficult enough to think about, let alone do.

While we all have our hangover traditions that we swear by, biologically our bodies need certain minerals and vitamins to be replaced before we can even think of facing the world. Both coffee and painkillers will kick you in the stomach if you’re already dealing with nausea, and even though “hair of the dog” seems like the logical direction, it usually just ends up with people being drunk before the day is out.

Since it’s 2012 and time to get the new year off on the right foot, pick up these few items if you’re thinking that this evening’s antics will be causing you pain tomorrow. And once you’re able to stand and look yourself in the mirror, you might even notice that sometimes a night of heavy drinking can do wondrous things to your outsides. Your insides may be temporarily shot to shit, but I’ve always been a fan of how my pink my lips are the morning after–just trying to put a positive spin on that aching.