Sometime actress and full-time attention fiend Phoebe Price (better known to aficionados as Chicken Cutlets) has joined the ranks of socialites and actresses who launch their own clothing collections. Rather than design handbags or vegan shoes, though, Phoebe has a collection of hats. Yes, hats. Because what every Hollywood stylista needs right now is a neon yellow baseball cap with a big flower on it. The line is available exclusively at Beverly Hills shop Gabriel S, but they don’t seem to have any photos of said hats or mentions of Phoebe anywhere on their website. Also, though there is supposedly a whole line of these hats, she only sported one during the time she spent modeling her wares for paparazzi. What if – gasp! – Phoebe’s “collection” was just an excuse to call photographers and get them to take pictures of her? Oh, the horror. I mean, who would lie about fashion?!