Life just got so much more thrilling for those who have the craving to drown in Louis Vuitton everything every moment of everyday. First luggage, then condoms, then next up was the gun (because we all must have a Louis Vuitton gun), and now a waffle maker!

Yes, yes! Thank your lucky stars and send LA-based designer, Andrew Lewicki, a thank you note for this winning creation, because it’s probably the greatest invention in the history of breakfast! Unlike boring old waffle makers that are just square after square of “meh,” Lewicki’s design is embossed with the iconic “LV” monogram that has become a staple in many people’s lives. But there’s one problem with this must-have breakfast item: it’s not actually a Louis Vuitton. I know! Cry me a river!

In other words, it’s probably just a matter of time before the head honchos at Louis Vuitton strike down on Lewicki with a wrath of lawsuits just as they’re doing with The Hangover 2 and the film’s use of faux LV luggage. Basically this means if you’re all for filling your life with LV everything, you should probably pick this waffle maker up before you no longer can. Yeah, it’s fake, but be honest: so are most of your bags.


Photo: Andrew Lewicki