Uh oh. It’s happening. No matter how hard you try to fight it off, you’re about to cry. You’re about to cry in public. You’re forcing yourself to swallow, you’re stretching your eyes open as wide as they can go, you’re trying to remember the breathing exercises from those two yoga classes you went to. You’re failing and it’s getting closer and it’s inevitable. You’re in public and you’re crying.

Luckily, the internet has your back. Thanks to NYC Crying Guide, a Tumblr page that advertises itself as a list of “the best/worst places to cry in New York City,” you can basically Yelp a good location to hideously sob outside. Technology is a wonderful thing.

This is one of my favorite themed blogs I’ve seen in a long time, so even if you’re not currently going through a crisis (or maybe you’re the type who cries over a messed up coffee order; I don’t know your life), I highly recommend looking through the posts. Here’s one of my favorites:

Yesterday I was in the middle of an all day crying session, but I really really needed to get my niece a gift for her birthday. With no other option but to leave my apartment, I went to Build-A-Bear in a full on cry mode and I am SO happy I did. I built the perfect nurse-firefighter bear AND all the employees completely ignored the fact that I was crying during the whole building process. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that. My tears were never addressed! Even as I handed my soggy signed credit card receipt to the cashier, it was only returned with a smile and a ‘Have a nice day’!  If you want to be treated like a real person despite your overflowing tears – go here immediately!!

I mean, now I kind of want to find the nearest Build-A-Bear and just let it fly. Just cover all the little outfits and all the stuffing machines with a fine layer of depression juice.

This blog is also a great way to live vicariously through people who live in New York, if that’s something you’ve never done. The idea of crying publicly in such a crowded city seems oddly fascinating to me. I grew up in Cleveland, where the vast majority of citizens are (or should be) crying at all times, and now I live in Los Angeles, where if you see someone sobbing, you just assume they’re publicly workshopping some character in their screenplay. Crying in New York seems kind of romantic, in like a Nora Ephron kind of way. Right?

Via NY Mag / Photo: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)