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The New York Post is concern-trolling hard today. They’re extremely worried that mounting tuition costs, rising rents and… dunno, expensive shoe habits?… are forcing women to turn increasingly to sugar babying.

This might not be entirely good old Post alarmist make believe, though, because sugar baby Facebook––claims that 300 NYU co-eds joined the site last year (a 154% jump up from 2011). Intones the Post, “It was the second-highest number of new members for any college in the country.” Ominous!

Naturally, the newspaper rounded up a few ladies to ponder the idea:

“I’ll admit that I’ve thought about doing something like that,” said a Columbia junior who gave only her first name, Karen.

“It would be easier in some ways than working, taking classes and then spending years paying back loans.”

Alex Cranshaw, 22, who graduated from NYU last year, said three of his female classmates had sugar daddies — including a woman whose benefactor financed a whole semester in Madrid.

“He funded her tuition, paid for her housing, gave her spending money and paid for her airfare,” Cranshaw said.

“She told her parents she got a scholarship. They had no idea.”

We’ll also have to view this from another angle; that the world is going to hell:

Not all students approve of the arrangements.

“Clearly, we need more financial aid if those are the lengths people are going to pay for school,” sniffed Ashley Thaxton, 20, an NYU theater major.

“I have friends who work multiple jobs, and there are other opportunities to support yourself through school,” she said.

While it’s interesting that sugar baby enrollment is seemingly on the rise, that doesn’t mean co-eds are actually becoming sugar babies. Moreover, if they do, it sounds like kind of a nightmare anyway? Or a pipe dream? Finally, as far as soul-sucking jobs that help pay off towering student loans go, it’s not significantly more dehumanizing than blogger.

But, if you’re interested, here’s everything you need to know.

Thanks, Post.