“This is an original, one-of-a-kind needle-felted octopus. He likes axes very much even [though] he lives under the sea.”

If you don’t want to buy this amazing thing after reading that description, I don’t know what to tell you. I fear we may not even be living in the same universe.

A clear answer to the question “what do you get the cephalopod lover who has everything,” these nifty little Etsy guys do not come cheap, but they are worth it. There’s also a squid one, but he is currently sold out. Where did this happy little octopus come from? How did he get an axe? What are his plans for the future? What’s his name? These are all questions for you and your new friend to figure out together. Personally, I think I would name mine Elmer, because I’ve always thought that would make a good name for an octopus, but if you’d rather name him Clyde, that’s up to you.

In addition to this octopus, I think I would like to meet Hiné Mizushima, the Japanese-Canadian “llustrator/puppet stop-motion video artist /crafter” who makes these things, because I’m pretty sure he’d be a delightful person. But until that happens, I’ll be content with stalking his work online.


(Via Laughing Squid)