If you’re anything like me, your neighbor has two dogs. One large dog, that howls, and one small dog, that provides a complimenting yip. The two young bucks could really go on for days, one setting the other off for an hour, both forgetting for a nanosecond, then the other kicking things off all over again. It truly is a joy to hear their unedited sounds of nature.

But what happens when you’ve been sitting in your apartment all day — let’s say, doing an activity like blogging — and the noise has gone on for, oh I don’t kow, five hours? With no hint of relenting? And you don’t have a key to your neighborhs house or a shotgun? What’s the etiquette?

Well, here’s what we found.

1. Write a letter. The letter may be cordial; something along the lines of, “No doubt you didn’t realize this, but your dog barks throughout the day. Perhaps he is bored, or restless? Here is a chew toy for him.” Or it may be more aggressive: “If you don’t take care of your [insert expletive of your choosing] barking dog, I will.”

2. Purchase a device that sends sound waves through walls audible only to dogs and triggered by “the most annoying bark.” I would suggest then billing your neighbor for this trusty item.

3. Write another letter. This letter should reference your last letter.

4. Involve the law. Yes! You can use up the time of law enforcement with something as benign as a barking dog. The level of annoyance that you’re being caused just may be illegal.

5. Take your neighbor to small claims court. This is a last resort — obviously you don’t want to have to spend that much time with your neighbor in such close proximity if it can be at all avoided — but it is a possibility.

We hope that this helps you should you ever find yourself in such a situation. And if you do, remember not to lose heart! Because in the end, it’s either you or the dog.