Pitch Perfect is everywhere TODAY Friday October 5th. If you haven’t seen the movie yet just take a look at the trailer and this exclusive clip TheGloss was given today, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be heading to the theater after work.

I mean Rebel Wilson‘s in it. How can you not love anything that woman is in. Also, the clip I watched featured someone I can’t believe I’ve never heard of, Ester Dean, who is in Pitch Perfect. Apparently she actually wrote half of my guilty-pleasure songs, like Rihanna‘s “S&M” and Jeremih‘s “Birthday Sex” (don’t judge me). It seems that in addition to being able to write catchy songs that my boyfriend makes fun of me for enjoying, Ester also has an amazing voice and is a hilarious actress. You’ll agree after watching the video below.

As if I needed an excuse to go see a musical…

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