A wedding on Twitter. You know, we should be less surprised about this. – Wedinator

What happens to you if you drink a Coke every day for a long time? Let’s just say “un-awesome things.” – Blisstree

Children of the ’80s, mark your calendars: Debbie Gibson and Tiffany will appear together in a Syfy channel original movie. Does this mean that 20 years from now Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera will follow the same path? – The Hollywood Reporter

Hopefully you won’t need this, but in case you don’t know how to avoid TMI, this is a good reference guide. – The Frisky

Following her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, Cyndi Lauper is getting her own reality show. No word on the title yet, but may we suggest “Cyndi Lauper Just Wants to Have Fun?” That’ll be a million dollars, network. – New York Daily News

Because we always enjoy snarking on American Apparel, a visual guide of some of their worst-ever designs. It is really jarring to see models in AA clothes all covered up. – College Candy