Thailand is asking residents and tourists alike to stop wearing black leggings. Apparently, the dark color attracts the mosquitoes who can carry dengue fever, and they can bite through the thin material. – ABS CBN

Tamara Mellon is reportedly planning to sell her company, Jimmy Choo. She could make up to £100 million. – Elle UK

People don’t like going to dry weddings. As someone who was once a bridesmaid in a no-alcohol wedding, I can vouch for this one personally. – Lemondrop

Victoria Beckham changed outfits between flights in order to be spared the horror of being photographed in the same ensemble more than once. – E!

A beauty queen in New Zealand has been stripped of her title. Did she pose for a men’s magazine? No. She dyed her hair a different color. – Daily Telegraph

Can your relationship survive a road trip? More importantly, can it survive a viewing of the movie Road Trip? – YourTango

“Butler cafes” are the new trend in Japan – women can go and be waited on by men for a change. – Double X