There once was a woman born with no vagina. No, that isn’t the first line of a limerick. It’s a true story about a woman with “cryptomenorrhea.” – The Frisky

Christina Hendricks did a photoshoot… for Etsy. Scarves have never looked so sexy. – The Wrap

A study says that busy people are happier. Or, at least, they’re too busy to ruminate on why they might be unhappy. – Blisstree

Feministing founder Jessica Valenti gave birth to a daughter, Layla, today. Jessica had pre-eclampsia and HELLP, so Layla was born at 29 weeks. Both mom and baby are recovering, but please send good vibes. – Feministing

NASA wants more women to get involved in math and science. So they hired Mary J. Blige as a spokesperson. Was Danica McKellar on vacation? –

If you want your boyfriend to propose to you, here are some “low key” ways to suggest it. Or you could just try asking him where he thinks your relationship is headed. – Glamour