The pros and cons of smoking (excluding what it does to your health). –The Hairpin

Older moms can’t catch a break. –DoubleX

Famous ladies sure like winking. –The Frisky

Famous love triangles and such. –College Candy

Crafting with paper. –StyleList Home

Going for traditional feminine prettiness. –Birchbox

Let’s talk about the ethics of wearing vintage fur. –Refinery29

Or the ethics of recycling your own material, like Martha Stewart. –Styleite

What about mixing content with retail?! –The High Low

Or emulating Kim Kardashian. –The Budget Babe

Patti Stanger, by the way, doesn’t know much about morality.  –Betty Confidential

Now let’s talk about sparkly shoes! Miu Miu ones! –Poshglam

Let’s end on a positive note with the moral center of the fucking universe: Jane Goodall. –YouBeauty