An illustrated guide to Drive. –The Hairpin

And you probably want Ryan Gosling‘s white satin ‘Driver’ jacket. –Styleite

Things that no longer shock us (like celebrity crotch flashes). –College Candy

This book sounds terrifying. –DoubleX

Do you want to watch Tupac get a blowjob? –Betty Confidential

Make your own Missoni-inspired kicks. (Awesome idea, guys) –Refinery29

Dry brushing sounds like some kind of crazy miracle. –Birchbox

Celebrity couples who met at work. –YourTango

Jessica Alba in repose. –StyleList Home

Not only are there fashion QR codes, there’s a top 10. –The High Low

I miss No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani. –StyleList

Alessandra Ambrosio pairs a cobalt mini with a fur vest. –The Budget Babe

Scientists will never figure out if wine is good for you. –YouBeauty