Apparently in a recession people go from knocking off Vuitton bags to knocking off Uggs and other less expensive brand names. What’s next, faux Crocs? – New York Times

Lindsay Lohan was allowed to keep her hair extensions in while in jail. Also, her first post-jail visit was to her hairstylist. – People StyleWatch

A pretzel ad with the tagline “You can never be too thin” is coming under controversy. Hey, maybe they are just trying to woo Kate Moss as a spokesperson. – Lemondrop

Some women actually allow their pubic hair to grow out naturally. Sadly, this is revolutionary. – Crushable

Prada footwear designer Alberto Del Biondi has created new boots with a Skechers Shape Up-inspired raised heel. – CocoPerez

Pregnant Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes is reportedly the star of new ads for Tiffany’s. But will she eat breakfast there? – Fashionista