Are you planning to hit the road this summer? –Ladyish

Even Ernest Hemingway busted out of the occasional button-down. –The Hairpin

A different kind of detox. –The Frisky

Ashley Cardiff tells the frightening story of the first time she saw porn. –The Toast

Kirk Cameron, shut the hell up already. –The Stir

Florence Welch got lucky, kind of. –ET Online

Different makeup suggestions for different types of dates. –YourTango

A Soviet erotic alphabet book. Okay. –Flavorwire

Some dudes just aren’t into strip clubs.  –Nerve

It looks like Barbie could be on the way out. –Double X

Breastfeed in public, get a pizza. Oldest trick in the book. –BUST

Your brain on friendship is probably better than your brain on acid. –Betty Confidential