Women don’t talk “three times” as much as men. –DoubleX

But there is horse meat in Ikea meatballs! –The Stir

Fashion inspired by the weirdos of McDonaldLand. –The Hairpin

The cute celebrity children of Instagram. –Divine Caroline

Kelly Clarkson does not have nice things to say about Clive Davis. –YourTango

The importance of being precise. –Sadie

You can now find organ donors on Facebook. –The Frisky

Sarah Nicole Prickett has no excuse for her early 20’s. – Vice

Wedding reception food and drink… on a budget. –Money Crashers

NYFW looks that least resemble human clothes. –Ladyish

How to pretend you’ve seen the Best Picture nominees. –OK Gorgeous

What’s with frat parties having despicable themes? –Jezebel