A man who made circular beach towels lost a court case trying to trademark the product. Clemens Franek, who designed the towels with help from Woody Harrelson and Bobby Farrelly (one of the Farrelly brothers) will not be able to stop Target and Wal-Mart from selling their own circular towels. – Chicago Tribune

Two French thieves robbed a man of 300 euros. One woman flashed her breasts to distract the guy while the second woman stole his money. Sacre bleu!CNN

Diane Von Furstenberg’s latest design? Hospital gowns (pictured at left). Somebody get her a Grey’s Anatomy cameo already. – Newsweek

40 percent of women in the UK are size 18 or higher. It’s a good thing there are so many plus size options at clothing stores there. – Grazia

This year’s Miss Haiti will be the first Miss Haiti to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in 22 years. But what does Wyclef Jean have to say about it? – Tonic

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending a month’s rent on skin cream, now’s your chance: here’s a list of the ten priciest skin care products. – Hot Beauty Health

Need a soundtrack the next time you decide to, er, “love yourself”? Check out this list of nine suggestions. “She Bop” is on it, of course. – The Frisky