An Italian inventor created a mattress designed to help couples have sex. It even has a removable hole to help relax your knees.  – AOL

So this one time during surgery, a doctor branded my uterus with a laser. Nope. Wasn’t me. But it was this lady’s.  – Daily Mail

Summer’s pretty much over. So is your summer romance.  – CNN

If you’re a good friend, you may suck at dating. You can’t be good at everything.  – Marie Claire

Fashion Week’s free food can be made into an incredibly unhealthy daily diet that consists solely of Pop Chips and low-cal or calorie-free drinks. They forgot to mention the free cupcakes, but we like to keep that secret to ourselves.  – Racked

Fact: Girls tend to travel in groups to the bathroom. Get over it, boys.  – Crushable