Brit boy band, JLS, is launching a safe sex campaign by selling condoms with their pictures on it. I’m not exactly sure if this is promoting safe sex or narcissism.  – Sky News

Sheyla Hershey, the woman with the world’s biggest boobs, removed her 38M (!!) implants today after developing staph and strep infections. But if she is no longer the bearer of biggest boobs, who is?  – Huffington Post

The German Communist Party sent pens that display a naked woman with just one click to young students. Damn Communists.  – Crushable

Since the fallout of Craigslist’s adult services section, a new forum for prostitute reviews has emerged and the only way it’s getting away with promoting prostitution is by claiming all reviews as fictional.  – TresSugar

Ali Fedotowsky’s ex-boyfriend stole her diary and now nude photos of her could be leaked. Who in their right mind would ever put nude photos of themselves in their diary, let alone put it in the hands of their ex?  – Radar Online