A police officer took scare tactics to the next level when he arrested his 14-year-old daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend for having sex with her.  – The Frisky

The clear signs your boyfriend is pulling a Tiger Woods … or Jesse James … or John Edwards … or Ryan Phillippe (the list goes on).  – Betty Confidential

If you’re looking to lose weight, try reverse psychology on yourself and eat fat. It helps and tastes really, really good.  – College Candy

What’s scarier? Having the “What are we?” talk or drifting along in friend-zone/friends with benefits limbo forever?  – Lemondrop

Octomom had a yard sale. Items available for purchase included a Laker’s jersey signed by herself (not any players) and an autographed nursing bra.  – StyleList

Just because you’re single and 30 doesn’t mean asking the “When are you getting married?” question is any less annoying or at all appropriate.  – Marie Claire