If you’re a pop culture-head (like me?) you can’t get away from the train wreck that is this bizarre fight between Will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas and Perez Hilton at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto on Sunday. Perez was hit in the face — he says by the Black Eyed Peas’ manager. Both sides have since taken to all forms of social media in an exhausting war of text.

In the most recent statement from Perez, as posted on his Web site yesterday, he (sorta) apologizes for poking fun at an altercation Jesse Metcalfe (who used to play Gaby’s underage gardener and love interest, John Rowland) had with a bachelor party last May. In all the years I’ve been reading Perez, I’ve yet to see the man apologize. Well, there’s a first for everything, right? Here’s what Perez had to say:

“I leave this traumatic experience as a person with more compassion. Specifically, there was an instance last year when actor Jesse Metcalfe was attacked outside of a Hollywood nightclub by a fellow entertainer. I did not condone the violence, but I did make light of that situation. I regret that. Sincerely.”

Too little, too late?

Image: Pacific Coast News