One silver lining to the utter insanity going down right now in the “conversation” surrounding reproductive rights is all the brilliant parodies it has produced. (I put “conversation” in scare quotes because that implies that there are two valid sides to an issue.) Like Jennifer said earlier this week, humor can be an effective way to poke holes in someone’s asinine attempt to explain your own shit to you without opening you to accusations of being a “humorless feminist” or whatever. (Whether or not we should care about this accusation is another story…personally, if someone is punching me in the vagina and I tell them to stop, I’m not overly concerned with how nicely I ask them. But that’s another post entirely.)

The latest in this proud parade of feminist humor is this ad for “legitimate rape,” which sets forth this ridiculous concept as just another type of birth control. It begins with a nod to the stupidity of Rush Limbaugh‘s “slut” comment, always a good start. Then, after enacting an imaginary scenario in which she is cartoonishly raped, writer/producer/actress Laura Napoli says she has no fear, for her magical insides will take care of it. The all-important tagline: “It’s like regular birth control, except as imagined by crazy people.” Pretty much, yeah.

I’m also a huge fan of The Hairpin‘s Legitimate Rape Pie Chart, which includes such categories as “perpetrated by Zeus in swan form.” I won’t steal it because the pie chart constitutes the entire post, but it’s well worth clicking over to see it.

(Via Buzzfeed Shift)