Starck with his design, via the Daily Mail

Do you like whippets but prefer your headrush with a little more tannin? Making inroads in the dubious-sounding genre of “aerosol cuisine,” French designer Philippe Starck has collaborated with Harvard professor David Edwards to create “WA|HH Quantum Sensations,” an aerosol spray that dispenses .075 ml hits of alcohol, just enough to stimulate the brain.

Basically, you can get drunk for a few seconds and then it wears off, with no aftereffects. You’ll apparently have no trouble passing a breathalyzer and won’t have a hangover, either. The can has about 21 hits in total and, as you can see, it’s pretty easy to stash in your purse or pockets.

And now, the question of why. Starck explains:

“Everyone has an occasional need of light-headedness, distraction, and another place… But our societies and codes of amusement have led to the over-consumption of alcoholic beverages as a kind of social placebo. The consequences are too familiar. With David Edwards, we asked ourselves whether we might provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol without running the risk of drunkenness. And WA|HH was born. Accent life with a magic wand, that was our desire. A spray of WA|HH and the shock is immediate, like a sensorial alarm.”

At first we thought this sounded pretty silly and assumed it would have a Starck-appropriate pricetag. Turns out–despite its designer pedigree–one aerosol can only costs $26. Now we think it sounds pretty perfect for the holidays, when one needs quick, discreet bouts of drunkenness to cope with work stress and family.

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