Photoshopped CoverGirl NFL Ad Features Black Eye, Proving The Ray Rice Scandal Is Far From Over

Image: Twitter

[UPDATE: Click here to see CoverGirl’s response.]

A photoshopped image of a CoverGirl NFL ad has been circulating on Twitter as a striking response to the Ray Rice scandal. As a result of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell‘s inaction towards the former MVP running back of the Baltimore Ravens, as we as numerous other incidents involving violence committed by football players, several women’s rights organizations are putting pressure on the NFL to have Goodell step down using the hashtag #GoodellMustGo.

The CoverGirl ad features a model with a photoshopped black eye and the caption “GET YOUR GAME FACE ON” under the NFL logo. It once again proves that sometimes, images can speak louder than words when it comes to issues like domestic violence. This is in addition to the other ways in which organizations have been campaigning against Roger Goodell, including flying banners over NFL games with the #GoodellMustGo hashtag.

Since TMZ broke the story by releasing the tape of Ray Rice knocking out his wife–and believe me, it is so strange to me that TMZ is actually one of the good guys in this story–an increasing amount of information regarding how poorly the NFL handled the incident has been revealed. This inaction includes, but is not limited to: not taking action right away, putting partial blame on his wife who was knocked unconscious at Ray Rice’s fists, blatantly lying about having seen the video footage, and subsequently canceling a Rihanna performance because then people will be reminded that domestic violence exists, or something. They have essentially failed in every single way to properly respond to this crime.

One of the most fascinating things about some people’s responses to domestic violence is that they tend to want proof. Your word is not quite enough for them to believe you; they need to see the bruises, hear it from the abuser him- (or her-) self, watch the video footage of a human being knocking another human being unconscious. This is strange considering when you discuss most crimes–including physical assault by strangers or non-loved ones–you don’t need much proof. If a friend tells you he has been mugged, would you need to see surveillance footage to believe him? Probably not. If your sister says she had her car stolen, does everybody start asking her if she left the car unlocked and, hey, what did she do that could have provoked a criminal to steal her car? With domestic violence–as well as sexual assault–people have a tendency to question everything about the crime, including your integrity despite it being something inflicted on your without your consent.

I’m conflicted on the fact that we have all seen this video; on the one hand, it’s good that people are now attempting to force action to be taken, while on the other hand, it is a horrifying moment that should never have occurred and we should never have needed to see it in order for the NFL to take action.