1383106_419056308217038_882309428_nA dude handing out flyers at Cornell University to female students is wanted by police for trying to recruit women to join his creepy Aryan sex cult and be his NYMPH SQUAD. The dudebro, either driving a green Chevrolet Lumina or a Monte Carlo, is about six feet tall with short brown hair and he is obviously white, considering his racist shopping list for the perfect women would have it no other way. So what is this fine gentleman looking for?

13 spiritually alive Caucasian women! They must have blue eyes or green eyes and want to have MANY of his children. They must love cooking, cleaning, hunting, fishing, chores and gardening. They also can’t like shopping in malls, or while watching the Home Shopping Network. They can’t have tattoos, or smoke, or have piercings or like rap or emo music. Add to all of this fabulousness and you also must be looking for a man who is an open free thinking man who likes “Hitler‘s system.” But if you do join his creepy white power cult, you get to enjoy spiritually alive white on white sex. Wheeee.

Local police have received many complaints about the guy, which is pretty understandable. Even the font on his flyer is creepy. I’m not sure how this guy can even find one young lady for his NYMPH SQUAD, much less 13. The sad news? The Nymph Squad Commune web page is down. If you see this creepy racist dude, I suggest calling the local police.

(Image: Facebook)