Despite the somehow still-existing myth that women hate beer unless it’s specially branded for our entire gender (or packaged like us!), women dig beer. Women also are interested in politics which, coincidentally, is also often assumed to be untrue. So, my dear Glossers, what recently showed correlations between these interests (besides my regularly getting drunk on forties while watching Jon Stewart)? A study examining your favorite beer and comparing it statistically with others of a similar political stance! After all, there are few things more American than keg stands and picking sides (simultaneously, even).

Recently, the NationalJournal published the results of a study trying to figure out which beers were favored by members of the primary two political parties as well as how likely drinkers of each beer were to vote.

Click to enlarge and pinpoint your glory!

To be honest, I was surprised that so many of the “light” beers were on the Republican side. I know it sounds really stupid, but I just kind of associate Democrats with diet food (is it the alliteration? Obama’s semi-chiseled jawline, perhaps?). Though perhaps that whole elephant symbol thing has gotten under the Republican Party’s skin and they wanna trim down their image? Who knows! Personally, I’m torn between Stella Artois and Blue Moon so apparently I’m smack dab in the middle. I think that also means I’m likely to vote and very likely to binge drink whatever’s available, but I’m no anthropologist.

Side note: where was the PBR crowd? Too drunk and/or hip to show up to the survey? Also, somehow I’m not shocked that Natty Light drinkers aren’t voting much and don’t really have opinions (and frankly, my beer, I don’t give a damn). Hyuck.

[Red cup modern art via ClubPlanet]