Some newly released data on “exercise induced orgasms” suggests the phenomenon is fairly widespread (heh) and real. Have you had a gym orgasm today?

Nicknamed a “coregasm” for the role often played by the abdominal muscles, exercise induced orgasms are rare, but not unheard of. But although women have been reporting these strange kinds of orgasms since 1953, they haven’t been studied much until now.

For their study, researchers at Indiana University gathered data using an online survey. Of the women who reported exercise-induced pleasure or orgasm, most were in a relationship or married, and 69% identified as heterosexual. This means that 31% were lesbians or bisexual. Are non-straight ladies more likely to have exercise induced orgasms, or are they just more athletic? Or maybe they’re more into answering internet polls?

Most of the women polled were not having particularly sexy thoughts when the good feelings hit, and many reported some embarrassment over having this happen in public. Which begs the question: does the possibility of getting off make you more or less likely to hit the gym? Personally, I would not want anyone but my special fellow to see my o-face, but some people might find it exciting to get off in a way inappropriate place. How do you feel about exercise induced orgasms?

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