Happy Golden Globes day! We’re just a few short hours away from the big event and just about everyone is excited about the the award ceremony that Ricky Gervais practically made infamous last year. Watching Gervais skewer those celebrities was like watching heaven covered in pink sprinkles, no?

Gervais aside, when it comes to award shows everyone has a different reason for watching them. Some people are mad for the celebrities, some are into it for the fashion, others are hoping to catch an antic or a breakdown, there’s that group who actually cares who wins what and of course, there are those who want to cry along with the heartfelt acceptance speeches. Oh, award season, you’re a blast!

So as we prepare for this evening’s events (you did buy the frozen appetizers to pass off as your own, right?), we’d like to know what it is that you’re looking forward to the most. I, for one, will be glued to the TV to see who might cry when Ricky Gervais gets all Ricky Gervais on them. Will he insult Johnny Depp for the second year in a row? Will Tim Allen cry this time around? And more importantly, how many atheist references will that tubby li’l ball of lovely British wit make? Only time will tell folks.

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