CNN recently reported on a couple in Maryland who, while going through a divorce, wound up in court in a custody battle over their dog. It was the first hearing of its kind in the state, and the judge had to make the call about whether to treat the puppy like a piece of property, or like a child. He chose the latter:

“He awarded the couple joint custody…Lucky [the dog] will spend six months a year with each of his ‘parents.’ McKee says after listening to both sides, he thought it was the only fair thing to do…’I really didn’t think the dog is like a couch,’ he explains.”

Comments on the article were mostly in favor of the judge’s decision to treat the case like a custody hearing, although not so much with the decision to split the time, given the fact that dogs often have a hard time with readjustment. But I know that if anything ever happened to my relationship, we’d have a heart-wrenching time deciding who kept our puppy. What about you, Gloss readers/dog-owners?

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