All these years, even as non-smokers, we’ve been tolerating romantic partners dashing outside to suck a cigarette thinking “it’s cool, they’re like Hemingway” (That’s young Ernest pictured, smoking like a chimney.) But I guess we’re in the minority! According to HowAboutWe a Canadian dating site is no longer accepting smokers. They claim:

“As of a year ago, we stopped accepting clients who smoke, because time after time, when we were attempting to match (them), their files would be rejected,” said Lianne Tregobov, of Camelot

However, they’re still willing to accept someone with herpes. Apparently, people are open to dating people with great gaping sores, as long as they’re on their genitals, not their lungs.

To our knowledge, Hemingway did not have herpes. The only person we suspect of having herpes who is notable is Adrian Grenier (SHEER SPECULATION ON OUR PART) and this would probably influence our feelings about dating him.

But we could have been really looking at this the wrong way all along. So…

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