A person’s face is one of the first things other people notice about them. This is one reason that so many of wear makeup to conceal any imperfections on our beatiful heads. It’s also the reason that eyewear can be such a powerful accessory. The right glasses can not only flatter your face, but it can help accentuate your style. There are glasses for every face shape and every style. We took inspiration from ClevverTV‘s web series Eyes on Style for our favorite trends this year. Make sure to check out the new Eyes on Style webisode on their YouTube channel.


These baby- blue Dolce & Gabbana Matt Silk frames are bright and feminine. These bold and confident glasses will look perfect with understated outfits.  $140

VO 2747 2002

These violet Vogue Eyewear glasses are a little more subdued. While still riding the wave of the colored-frame trend, they are subtle enough to work with a flashier outfit like a printed dress, without making the wearer look cartoon-ish.

VMU 07L MAN-1O1These Miu Miu glasses are a more classic version of this year’s popular cat-eye shape. They will be perfect with Zooey Deshcanel-inspired looks, like a girly blouse and A-line skirt. $201

DG3140_2541These Dolce & Gabbana frames are super funky. They’re a modern take on the cat eye shape, being more square than round. They are definitely a statement accessory, and should be worn with a simple, neutral outfit so they can take center-stage. $176

BE 2115 3001Round glasses are making a comeback, and they aren’t just for hipsters anymore. These Burberry frames can be a sophisticated addition to an outfit with a pencil skirt, simple blouse, and scarf. $105

RX 5281 2000Ray Bans are simple and standard, but they never go out of style. Their simplicty means they can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt or work clothes or classier ensembles. $150

VPR 09P 2AU-1O1These Prada glasses are far out. If you can rock these, you can rock anything. $205


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