Simon Winchester’s interview of Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary has been posted at Parade Magazine.

It’s a refreshing read, confirming a lot of the things we already know about the lovely royal couple: how they met, their background, their two children. But it also reveals some things that are not state secrets but very interesting all the same.

  • Prince Frederik, whom Mr. Winchester described as looking like one of the Backstreet Boys, seems to enjoy a wink every now and then (he did so at least twice during the interview!).

  • The royal couple speak Danish at home, even though it is not Princess Mary’s mother tongue. The princess was said to seldom speak English these days.
  • Prince Frederik calls his mother, Queen Margrethe, “my mum”.
  • Prince Frederik was raised by nannies and governesses, and, as a little boy, was ‘presented’ to his parents every day before bed.
  • The couple plan to raise their two children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, in a different way.
  • The prince and princess own credit cards, which have their titles rather than regular names like everybody else.

The couple also talked about their jobs as working members of the Danish royal family. Prince Frederik is essentially an apprentice to his mother, until such time that he ascends the throne. Meanwhile, Princess Mary has earned the admiration and affection of the Danish people for her foundation and her work for the less fortunate.

Read the interview here.

Image: Newscom