OK, I’ll be honest with you — I’m even starting to bore myself with all this Ryan Lochte shit. But this is just too good to pass up, because….remember when Lochte and Prince Harry were both in Vegas at the same time? And at first we thought that they passed one another without ever saying hello, like ships in the night?

WE WERE WRONG. WE WERE ALL WRONG. Not only did they meet, but the New York Daily News captured Prince Harry challenging Lochte to a fucking swim-off at a nightclub pool! Because that’s how Brits do. They challenge people to things. Like wars. Or establishing new countries.

Anyway, a few things about this video (SPOILER ALERT). Number one, it kind of seems like Lochte should win (that was the spoiler) by a larger margin than he does. Number two, I feel pretty bad for the the other dudes at this club. They don’t stand a chance with the ladies.

Now, with no further ado:

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